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We know that you are very busy and you do not have much time, so we have prepared a complete summary of all our moving floor semi-trailer models.

Throughout our extensive experience in the sector, many large and small companies, as well as institutions and public entities, have relied on the value and quality proposals of our products. Thanks for trusting us.

Alite offers a network of authorized workshops in Spain to be able to solve your problems in the most comfortable way for you in order to offer you solutions as quickly as possible. Locate the workshop closest to your location through this map.

GOLD discounts

We have another new section with moving floor semi-trailers at a great price, with a discount applied to the GOLD rate

We present this section, with moving floor semi-trailers, still to be manufactured with great discounts.

The GOLD rate is the one that applies to our best customers and distributors throughout Spain, we give you the opportunity to take advantage of this promotion with a great discount and with a very tight delivery time.

Enter and reserve your moving floor semi-trailer at a great discount and in a tight delivery time you will have it ready to work.

In STOCK and with IMMEDIATE delivery

Enter and discover our ALITE moving floor semi-trailers in promotion with IMMEDIATE delivery.

Hello, we want to show you a new section on our website, the section of mobile floor semi-trailers that we have put on sale and that we currently have in stock, so after choosing the color of the canvas, you can take it with you in ONLY 5 DAYS .

Yes, in 5 days you can have your brand new moving floor semi-trailer working.

Of course, we advise you to get involved now, because we only have three and one of them has already been sold, take advantage of this opportunity, do not let it escape.

New delivery of ALITE HP for NAVARRO MONTÓN

We have delivered this HP moving floor, the perfect vehicle for long journeys with a large load volume thanks to its resistance.

Good morning, today we want to show you this ALITE HP moving floor semi-trailer that stays in Albacete for the company Transportes Navarro Montón. It is an HP (High Performance) semi-trailer, a vehicle that thanks to its conical shape (higher at the rear than at the front) has much more load capacity and is also optimized for long road trips.

Thank you very much for having trusted us and we wish you a good trip, we hope you enjoy your new vehicle a lot!