The menu of services in English, Spanish and French is now available on our website, with which we teach you the solutions for any problem you may have with your Alite moving floor semi-trailer.

This section will grow little by little to, finally, give you the answers to all the questions that may arise with your Alite moving floor semi-trailer.

In this section we have both informative videos and simple procedures that you can carry out yourself or procedures that you can carry out in a specialized workshop if you do not know how to carry it out.
At the moment we have covered the manual piloting without power supply of your moving floor, both so that you know the loading and unloading process and so that you know the operation of the buttons. We also show you where to find the identification plates of your semi-trailer so that we can help you better and the processes to change silent blocks, disc brakes and the trailing arm of your BPW axles.

If you have any ideas you think information is missing, do not hesitate to tell us or ask us, as this section is made for you.

We leave you with the section so you can explore it and if you need anything, contact us without any commitment.

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