ALITE has developed and manufactured an “in situ” washing system to make your life easier.

We show you in detail the washing system manufactured by ALITE; undoubtedly a very useful component that can be purchased in our online store to easily mount on your semi-trailer.

We show you their references:

  • REF. 009-006-8-2-001: MAIN MODULE 120 l.
  • REF. 009-006-8-2-002: EXTENSION MODULE 120 l.

The washing system is used to perform a light cleaning of the vehicle. If you need to lightly clean the interior of the semi-trailer to prepare a new load “in situ” this add-on will make your life easier. It has 120 l of capacity and the possibility of adding another expansion module to add another 120 l of capacity. We show you its characteristics and components:

  • All-aluminum construction.
  • Low curb weight.
  • Own weight: 8.5 Kg.
  • Modular mounting with bolted clips for double T chassis.
  • 1 “1/4 filler cap with stopcock.
  • Pressure regulator with pressure gauge, regulation 0-10 bar. Power supply to the vehicle’s air suspension circuit.
  • Lower water discharge collector in rigid metal pressure tube.
  • Pressure lance with 25 m of super compact rubber hose.
  • Type 30 quick coupling for hose connection / disconnection.
  • Possibility of increasing the capacity of the device by incorporating an extension module of 120 l of additional capacity (total 240 l). Modular mounting in parallel or in series with the main module. Connection between modules with 14×1.5 mm PA11 polyamide flexible tube.

You can find more information here, on the components page in the download menu.