Updating of corporate image on mobile floors

With the update of our corporate image we have renewed many aesthetic aspects of our semi-trailers.

One of the changes is the color change of the moving floor machine from green and yellow to corporate colors, red for the dealer and blue for the frame.

Continuing to update our corporate image, we have changed the finish colors of our ALITE moving floor machines. We have changed the green color for the moving floor bench and yellow anodized for the distributor to our corporate colors: blue for the frame and red anodized for the moving floor distributor.

With these new colors you can see at a glance when it comes to an ALITE moving floor machine, while giving the system an attractive and elegant finish.

We leave you the images of these new colors that will surely be with us for a long time, what do you think? Do you like the new color? Did you prefer the old one? Leave your opinion in the comments and on our social networks.

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