Moving floor semi-trailers for BMI, our distributor in the UK and Ireland

This May, five deliveries of moving floor semi-trailers of different models have been made for our distributor BMI.

10 vehicles of different families of moving floor semi-trailers adapted for left-hand driving are to be shipped to the UK.

In March and April we delivered five HP (High Performance) moving floor semi-trailers destined for the English and Irish markets for BMI, official distributor of Alite moving floor semi-trailers in the UK and Ireland. Thank you so much for trusting us and helping us spread our passion and dedication for moving floor trailers in the UK.

During the next few weeks BMI will have 10 ALITE moving floor semi-trailers adapted to the English market for left-hand driving.

We leave you some images for you to see, in our social networks you can find more details of the vehicles we have sent.

We leave you the website and social networks of the BMI TRAILERS company that has trusted us as a distributor, thank you very much.