HP and LD (High Performance and Lateral Doors) semi-trailers going to Italy

Last week we delivered two moving floor semi-trailers, an HP (Hight Performance) and an LD (Lateral Doors) heading to Italy.

The moving floor semi-trailers of the HP (High Performance) family allow you to optimize the load thanks to their lower unladen weight and their conical shape; On the other hand, the LD (Lateral Doors) allow you to make your loading process more flexible thanks to their customizable side access doors.

Last week we delivered two HP and LD mobile floors to the Italian company Bartoli Rimorchi, we take the opportunity to thank them for trusting ALITE and we wish them a good trip. We attach a gallery of images so you can see your new vehicle.

The High Performance (HP) family of moving floor semi-trailers is designed primarily for on-road use (ON Road) for long journeys thanks to its optimized design. It is available in four versions, all of them with conical boxes. The HP range offers you a cargo volume from 91 to 99 m3, with a lightweight construction that maintains the reliability, strength and durability values ​​of ALITE brand vehicles. Among its models are the one with the highest load capacity, HP Volume and the lightest, HP Light.

The ALITE family of Lateral Doors (LD) moving floor semi-trailers is designed primarily to be able to load laterally thanks to its multiple possibilities of side doors. It is available in three versions according to the number and arrangement of side accesses. The LD range allows you to mount any possible arrangement of side doors, with a complete opening model on both sides.

If you want more information about the vehicle below the gallery you can find the web links of the models and their catalog.

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